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How did Consultant Area come about?

There are 100s of home loan packages in the Singapore retail banking market, how do you keep yourself updated on the packages?

Mortgage agencies, mortgage consultants, financial advisors and others who want to get into the industry are faced with cumbersome huge administrative chores, a few hours each day just to keep home loan rates record updated, clarifying the sometimes vary vague terms and conditions and liaising with each bank.

For Financial Advisors specialized in selling unit trusts and insurance, home loans brokerage is a completely different skill set, it may seem simple, but once you get into this business, you will soon realized that it is very technical and complicated with MAS regulations, bank's internal rules, credit controls and many more. You will need much more skill sets to succeed in this business and derive a sustainable income.

If you are thinking of starting a mortgage consultancy, you would need to employ one operations staff to maintain a Mortgage broking business. There is steep learning curve and high recurring costs.

In order to be able to convince customers and close deals, the mortgage consultant has a huge learning curve, to be able to provide comparison as well as generate reports and explain the differences between the pros and cons of each package. And most times, the mortgage consultant will have to show interest amortization tables of actual interest cost comparisons as well as principle payments.

Why Subscribe to Consultant Area? keeps the 100s of home loan packages in the system, updated daily. Consultants have all these home loan rates and packages at their finger tips within this system. We also enable consultants to be able to generate reports (within 3 minutes) on Cost Savings as well as Interest cost tables and charts, with up to date Sibor and SOR rates as well as an up to date financial event time line of major events.

Who does Consultant Area help? helps the following to lower their cost as well as to increase their revenues upside:

  • Mortgage Agencies and broker
  • Mortgage consultants (individual)
  • Financial Advisors and Insurance professionals to expand their scope and income by leveraging on their existing customer base
  • Professional property agents who want to provide a more complete service for their clients platform is iPad Compatible, this means, you don't have to prepare anything, just bring your PC or iPad and you are in business!!!

How much can I save?

Generating reports takes about 3 minutes for each client. There is no updating of rates, no administrative chores to do. All latest bank forms are fully updated.

Estimated savings:

Functions Savings per month
Operations executive (No need to hire one, or redeploy exiting one) $ 2,000
Consultant's time to produce reports (2 hrs per day) $ 1,000
Historical and Current SIBOR and SOR rates $ 100
Financial Event time-line $ 100
Total estimated Savings: $ 3,200

How much can I gain?

Every cent saved is every cent made. Apart from the bottom-line, helps mortgage agencies, financial advisors to enhance deal closure rate. The reports help to address customer's queries and speed up deal closure rate.

Revenue Upside:

Functions Revenue per month
Closing up to 10 deals a month $ 2,000 to $ 10,000
Total estimated Revenue: $ 2,000 to $ 10,000

In total, gives you an estimated benefit of $5,000 to $13,000 per month!!!

How to Subscribe?

Payment is easy, you can pay either with PayPal, VISA, MASTER CARD, or via cheque.

How much is the Subscription?

There are 3 types of account:

  • Individual
    Whoever that is not an Agency or under one can subscribe to Individual account. It manages it's own subscription, and able to setup personal logo and website URL in the reports.
  • Agency
    Agency account is able to create several free child accounts under this main account. It manages it's own subscription (child accounts' subscription is bundled together), and able to setup agency logo and website URL in the reports. Agency account will also have an 'Agency Discount Code'. See Agency Subsidiary Account for more info.
  • Agency Subsidiary
    This type of account requires an 'Agency Discount Code' to subscribe. The subscription fee is generally cheaper as it is subscribed under an Agency's account. It manages it's own subscription.

And the subscription fee is:

Subscription Plan Cost
Individual License (Monthly Plan, PayPal Subscription) S$29.00
Individual License (Yearly Plan, PayPal/Manual Subscription) S$290.00
Agency License (Yearly Plan, Manual Subscription) TBD
Agency Subsidiary License (Monthly Plan, PayPal Subscription) S$16.80
Agency Subsidiary License (Yearly Plan, PayPal/Manual Subscription) S$168.00

The potential benefit is $13,000 per month, yet at ONLY as low as S$0.46 a day!!

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