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ICL made my job so easy. In a click, I can help my clients compare all mortgage rates. My admin could now focus on more important task like following up with my clients.

Alan Koh
Mortgage Sense
I chanced upon and found out about the consultant area, which provides the latest bank rates, diligently and prompty updated. This proved to be a very useful tool for a mortgage broker like me, saving me thousands of dollars and precious time. I highly recommend any ex mortgage specialist and bankers to use this platform if they are considering freelance work. The owner of icompareloan Paul, was also very helpful, professional and knowledgeable. If you are a home owner, or a property agent, I would highly recommend you engage icompareloan's services to navigate through the complexities of getting the most suitable mortgage from the bank.

Wayne Quek
+65 9002 6621
CFA Consultant - homeloanwhiz
I have been in the mortgage broking business for 8 years, way longer than this company itself. This home loan reporting platform is the best I have seen in the mortgage industry. The company provides me great support, the reports are well liked by my high net worth clients. I strongly recommend ex-bankers, agents, mortgage brokers to join as mortgage associates or simply sign up to using the loan reporting system.

Angie Vass
+65 9180 5922
Mortgage Consultant - See more at: iCompareLoan Consultant Area
Prompt, fast and efficient system to churn out different home loan package in an instant. Very Good!!

Caleb Toh
+65 9856 9255
Loan Consultant
Analyses and updates are constructive. Paul's expertise has been really valuable. Excellent!

Loan Consultant
Enable me to work more efficiently!

Charmaine Soon
+65 8186 7933
Loan Consultant
Very prompt and Instant! Timely info and reports ! It's a brainwork of a dedicated broker for selfless sharing !

Ong Li Chuin
+65 9022 2958
Bright Capital Loan Consultant
Before using iCompareLoan Consultant Area, I have to manually prepare customer Home Loan reports. This takes about half an hour per customer, leaving me little time to follow-up with customers and/or chase after customer deals.

Strongly recommend for Home Loan Consultants & Financial Advisors.

Alden Tan
+65 9677 0023
Loan Consultant
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