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Singapore's first and only Home Loan Report™ and analysis platform.

Our platform provides latest updates of detailed loan packages and helps Property Agents, Financial Advisors and Mortgage brokers to analyze home loan packages for their clients and give unbiased home loan / commercial loan analysis for their property buyers and home owners.

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Property Seller Report

This report analyses property sellers' financial balance after selling the property, and on top of it, it helps them making decision on buying new properties after selling one.

Property Buyer Report

This report analyses property buyers' income and financial status, help them decide and make the purchase faster than ever.

TDSR, MSR Analysis

This report helps property buyers assess how much they can borrow.

New Loan Interest Cost Analysis

This report looks at the interest cost analysis for completed properties.

Refinance Savings Analysis

This report looks at the refinance savings analysis.

Loan Package Detail Sheet

Details of loan packages and amortization tables laid out nicely in columns.

Progressive Repayment (BUC) Detail Sheet

Looks at the loan disbursement dates and the drawn down dates and it's estimated loan repayment schedules.

Sibor, Sor Analysis

SIBOR and SOR report can be included into the other reports. It can also be printed out separately on it's own. Assess long term interest rates trends by looking at the history.

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