Home Loan Report™ - Enterprise Solution

Home Loan Report (TM) - Enterprise Solution comprises the following components:
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:: Embedded Web Applications

Cloud-based Embedded Web Applications provided by iCompareLoan.com to be embedded onto Real Estate Agent's or Agency's website to provide home loan data for your viewers as well as users.

The embedded applications are not only there to provide the home loan data, it also helps websites of real estate agents, agencies and mortgage consultants to automate the tasks of managing home loan data, and enhances the leads capturing rate and flow. All the leads are automatically fed into the LeadTracker CRM™.

Here's a quick example from WiseLoans.sg:

:: LeadTracker CRM™

A cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) CRM that is tightly integrated with our Embedded Web Applications.

All the leads that captured by our Embedded Web Applications are emailed to you and at the same time, automatically stored, sorted and presented into a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, which is the LeadTracker CRM™. This gives the Agent or Agency the power to manage and distribute its leads to multiple parties and track their progresses via individual updates. It is highly suitable for mobile teams.

The loan packages that were captured in the leads are directly accessible within our Consultant Area. And you can generate Home Loan Reports based on the customer's selected loan packages.

:: Home Loan Report™ (Consultant Area Subscription)

An Agency Subscription Account to login to our Consultant Area. Within the Consultant Area, user can look up for the latest loan packages, generate types of home loan reports based on them, and even submit the loan cases to the bankers directly! All the reports logo belong to the agency and hyperlinked to agency's website.

Find out more about the Home Loan Report™ here.

Not just that, agents can subscribe under this master account by signing up to the Agency Subsidiary Plan (with your Agency Discount Code). Check out this simple chart:

So what's even better? The more your agents uses the Home Loan Report™, the more traffic it will bring to the agency's website as people clicks on the Agency Logo (Or other desired image). Great for leads capture and brand recognition!

In Summary:

Embedded Web Applications = Enhanced Lead Capture Rate and Flow
LeadTracker CRM™ = Better Tracking of Leads and Closure Rate
Home Loan Report™ (Consultant Area Subscription) = Great Mortgage Analysis Platform + Drive Traffic
   to Agency's Website

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