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Bio: Vina Ip (a.k.a. Property Soul) is a property enthusiast. She bought her first condominium unit for rent in 2002. In the next 4½ years, she built up a portfolio of five private properties. In 2010 and 2011, she sold four of her properties, realizing a net profit of 80 to 120 percent. Vina’s blog ( was set up in 2010 to share her property investing experiences with fellow investors. Her blog posts are frequently quoted and reposted at YahooNews,, Singapore Investment Bloggers,, and other financial blogs. has recently been awarded Top 75 Property Investment Blogs in the world by and is the only winner from Singapore. In 2014, Vina published her first book No B.S. Guide to Property Investment - Dirty Truths and Profitable Secrets to Building Wealth Through Properties. The book immediately became a bestseller at Kinokuniya and Times bookstores and it is now on its fourth print. Vina also founded Property Club Singapore ( to provide a neutral platform for the learning and networking of property buyers, investors and owners. Seminars, talks, workshops and networking sessions are organized regularly for club members.

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