Feng Shui 2017 – Predictions for the 12 Animal signs

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Feng Shui 2017 – Predictions for the 12 Animal Signs

Summarised and edited from Master Lynn Yap 2017 Feng Shui Prediction by Paul Ho (

Methodology: Flying star school of Fengshui, Landscape Fengshui and Intuitive Fengshui.

Do you know that the Chinese New Year according to the Solar calendar is 4th of Feb each year. That is called the “Li Chun” 立春。立春,is the 1st whiff of spring within the 24 season within a year.

This year 2017, “Li Chun” falls on the 3rd February. Observe what happens to you on “Li Chun”, if good things happen to you, you will have good fortune for the entire year.

So this year, you can prepare some cash deposits and go to the bank to deposit this money into your bank account. This will symbolise a year of abundance.

This is a challenging year because the first 6 months has “Ying Fire” while the later half has “Ying Metal”.

The “Fire” sitting above the “Metal” causing the year to be a Weak Metal Year.


What to be careful of in 2017?

Financial Matters such as mini financial crisis, terrorist attacks, small fire explosions and earthquakes happening around the world.

This year 2017 is called a “Ding You” year (Fire Rooster Year) where it will be a year of “Happenings” where everyone may feel very “Difficult” and unhappy for no reason.

Do not attend Funerals or weddings.(If you really need to attend, you have to take precautions)


Which industry sectors will do well in 2017?

Will property sector will do well?


FIRE Industry = GOOD

Such as Electrical products, Stock markets, Restaurants, lighting shops, fast food chains, bakery shops, security business and accounting firms.

EARTH Industry = Average

Related to Properties, Human Resource, Pet shops, chemicals, cosmetics, renovation companies, agriculture, insurance, construction firms, cosmetic surgery and Tibetan medicine.


METAL Industry = Average

Those related to banking, machinery or equipment, law firms, fortune telling, fengshui consultancy, gold smith shops, robotics, steel, motor vehicles, aerospace industries.


WATER Industry = Average

Water industries are those that deal with internet, consultancy, shipping, transportation, logistics, distribution, tourism, cold beverages, hotels, shipbuilding, broadcasting, publishing, pubs/bars, information technology, marine products, oil, money lending, telecommunications, airlines, casino business, animation, advertising, online shops and gaming.


WOOD Industry = Unfavourable

Wood are those related to government, printing, seminars/events, universities, schools, textile firms, paper and pulp, timber, furniture, fashion, politics, nurseries, education, hair salons, photography, book stores and publishing.


Event Outlook in 2017 based on FengShui Predictions

1. Gold prices hard to predict, volatile.

2. Oil prices stable and slight rise towards year end.

3. Small fire explosions, earthquakes, typhoons, tsunami, accidents happening around the southern part of the world.

4. Property prices continue to drop – best time to invest in properties now.

5. New discovery for those in “Metal” industry: New technology in teeth, robotics or aerospace.

6. People will tend to be arrogant and stubborn.

7. Strong competition amongst Metal industries such as Banks, goldsmith shops, metal/steel industries, motor vehicle industries, aerospace industries and robotics industries.

8. Sickness to note are: – Heart problems, strokes, high blood pressure, heatiness, cough, lung issues, running nose, knee joint pains, liver, muscle cramps, excessive sweating and dehydration. (Gosh, that sounds like almost everything…)

9. US dollar continue to be strong.

10. There is a possibility of a terrorist attack in buildings or structures by the “Metal” industries and possibility of Cold/hot war.

11. Older married males will tend to fall sick while younger females may need to be careful when driving/walking.

12. Money difficulties with many people having “Not enough money”

13. The share prices in stock market would fluctuate and fall around Sep/Oct.

14. There will be changes in regulations made in “Metal”Industries such as banks, metal/steel industries, motor vehicle industries, robotics industries and aerospace industries.

15. Mergers and acquisitions in the “Metal” Industies.

16. More discovery of financial fraud.

17. Share prices of “Water” stocks in the stock market will rise the most. Therefore telecommunication companies, water industries will do well.

18. A small earthquake or a collapse of a building occurring anywhere in the world will indicate that the earth dog year 2018 is here.


Picture: Twelve Chinese Zodiac Animal signs.

Image Credits: Jakub Hałun, Wikimedia Commons


How will the 12 Animal Signs Perform in 2017?


Overall: There are some inauspicious stars, making this a mixed year. If you work really hard, you may see some results. There are gossips or enemies at the work place.

Money and Work: Be careful at the workplace as this year there is no luck and work hard since career is not very smooth. When things do not go smooth, just go vegetarian for 3 full days. You will have to endure till 22 Dec 2017.

Business: Try not to have any expansion plans as business is slow.

Health: Your health is not so good, pay attention to your diet and run at least once a week. Try not to stay out late. Be careful when driving or walking on the road.

Love & Family: Relationship with spouse may not be smooth, plan a family trip together.



Overall: Not an auspicious Year. Best to lie low at the work place.

Money and work: May change job, change house, change car. Do not do any investments this year. Watch your money carefully this year. Second lunar month – Do some donation to improve your luck.

Business: Going to be a difficult year. Do not gamble or make heavy investment

Health: Sickness star in the horizon, health may not be good. Try not to fly long distance. Do not do dangerous activities like Mountain climbing.

Love & Family: This year, relationship with spouse is not good, therefore it may be wise to talk less.



Overall: This is a good year with some auspicious stars.

Money and work: Career opportunity is good, you may change job, if you stay in your current job, you may get promoted. There Is heaven’s luck this year. So do buy your friends lunch/dinner.

Do not lose your temper or your luck will be gone.

Business: There are many good happenings out there and money to be made.

Health: Your health is good, but you will still need to pay attention to what you eat. Eat more vegetable and less meat. Drink warm ginger tea. Go for regular foot or body massage.

Love & Family: This year your relationship with your spouse is good and everyone is in harmony. Plan for a yearly family trip.



Overall: There are some inauspicious stars to make this a mixed year. There are some obstacles at work, matter tends to get solved.

Money and work:

You may need to work smart and there is a helpful person at work. It is not a good time for any investments except properties. People born in the year of the pig tends to have good luck in property.

Business: Business is rough with strong competition. Only income from career is stable. You have to manage your cash flow properly and try to have some savings by the end of the year.

Health: This year you need to pay attention to your health, see a doctor if you have minor illness. Try to go vegetarian for some days to cleanse the body. Exercise regularly or go for yoga.

Love & Family: You need to control your emotions or else your relationship with your spouse will be troublesome.



Overall: This is a good year due to the presence of some auspicious stars.

Money and work: You can have fame and recognition, but you have to pay attention to money so as not to be cheated by friends or a scam. You will be extra busy at work, just work hard, all is well.

Business: There are business expansion in the pipeline, just follow.

Health: Your health is good, just do regular exercise and you will be fine. On the 1st and the 15th of the month, try to go vegetarian, or if you can’t, then try to free 2 birds (min), in your life time.

Love & Family: There is love and romance at home, couples are in harmony.



Overall: This is a good year with the presence of some lucky stars. You will still need to work hard. If career prospects are good, you may move.

Money and work: There is only slight heaven’s luck, money has to come mainly from earned income. Try not to gamble. Do not buy shares or investments.

Business: Watch your cash flow and you will be fine.

Health: Your health is not so good this year. See a doctor early if you are not well. You will likely fall sick often this year. Drink more warm ginger tea and exercise regularly, you will be fine.

Love & Family: Relationship with family members will be stressed over money matters. Do not find fault over small matters.



Overall: This will be a good year in the presence of some lucky stars.

Money and work: There will be changes at the work place, hence you have to be adaptable. Money comes in all directions for you this year. Windfall money and money earned. It will be good if you can donate 2% of your income away each year to charity. If you can donate to help other people’s health you health will also be very good.

Business: It may be good to partner with friends in a new business.

Health: This year your health is good, if you keep a healthy lifestyle you will live a long live. Eat more vegetables, exercise more and go for regular checkups.

Love & Family: Family is in harmony this year. A family that eats together stays together.



Overall: This is not a good year for you as you clash with the Rooster. You may Change car, change house or change job. You may wear a 3D Gold pendant Kirin bought from a goldsmith shop and pray to Tai Sui.

Money and work: Work is not smooth in the workplace, hence on the 10th or 11th of the Lunar month you may want to shed blood, then all is well. Try brushing your teeth and if you see some blood, you are fine. There is some heaven’s luck this year, however you have to be careful of your cashflow.

Be careful and only take calculated risks as this year you are supposed to lose a sum of money. Therefore on the 16th Feb 2017 onwards, write a cheque for a donation to ward off this.

Business: It is not the right timing to expand the business. Avoid major investment and gambling.

Health: You may need to watch what you eat if not your health will not be good. Go vegetarian once a year. Sickness to note are headaches and running noses.

Love & Family: There may be some arguments over money matters with your spouse, try to give way then all will be fine.


Dragon – Dragon will do Best in 2017

Overall: This will be excellent year for you because of very good stars. You can change jobs if you wish.

Money and work: This is also a good year for money as you can be quite prosperous. There is lottery luck. Wear your lucky colour shirt or blouse, treat your friends and family after winning so you can win again.

Business: It is possible to expand your business overseas this year.

Health: Health is good this year, but still try to sleep early. Do some cupping or Gua Sha every 4 months. Pay attention on the road, do not rush even if you are late.

Love & Family: Family relationship is good and everyone is in harmony. When you travel overseas, make sure to engrave your names on red chopsticks, this way your career will be very smooth.



Overall: Mixed year due to some unlucky stars.

Money and Work: You need to stay calm and work hard during work situations. Double check your important documents before submitting. There is no windfall money. Only source of money will come from income. Be thrifty, spend only what needs to be spent. You may lose a sum of money this year. Do a generous donation on the 16th Feb 2017. Do not make any major investments.

Business: Sales are slow hence you have to watch your cashflow.

Health: You will be bothered by small sicknesses this year. Eat less meat and more vegetables. It would be ideal if you could be vegetarian on vesak day. 1Go for regular foot or body massage and jogging if possible.

Love & Family: You tend to get irritated easily, so you have to be patient with your spouse.



Overall: This is a good year with the presence of some lucky stars. There is fame and recognition. This year is smooth and all your wishes will come true, there is also possible promotion in sight.

Money and Work: There is heaven’s luck and a small windfall. Money made from income remains good and stable. If you want to make some investments, be careful as you may be cheated. Investing in property is good, but investing in shares you need to be careful this year.

Business: There are business opportunities, go for them.

Health: Health is good this year, but stay away from fatty and oily food. Do your exercise and go for Yoga and try to eat vegetarian once in a while.

Love and Family:

There are less disagreement this year and all is well and happy at home.



Overall: This is a mixed year due to some inauspicious stars. If your mindset is positive, all will be fine. Try to focus on events that make you happy, then you will be smiling.

Money and Work: Income earned from career is stable, while there is no windfall. Gamble less if you can. Do not do any investment this year as you may lose it. Control your spending.

Business: Relook into cash flow as business is slow.

Health: You may have minor issues like flu and cough. Go for regular exercise and try to go vegetarian sometimes.

Love & Family: Relationship with spouse can be quite bad this year. Be patient and forgiving. Relationship may break up this year if the timing is right. You may need to plan a trip to rekindle love.


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