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Groceries are a regular expense for everyone. For some – particularly for growing families – it may take up a significant chunk of the monthly budget. But consider this: with the proper credit card, you can make some significant savings on groceries, amounting to a few hundred dollars a year. You may even save even more than a thousand bucks a year! But how much you save actually depends on some specific factors, including your spending patterns, which grocery stores you frequent, your other expenses, and of course, which card you choose. To help you make a better decision, we’ve gathered some data on Singapore’s best cash back credit cards for groceries.


– Cash back for groceries: 8% at all grocery stores and supermarkets globally. 8% for grocery delivery or food delivery.

– Other cash back: 8% on dining, 8% on Grab rides, 20.88% on petrol. Rebate 0.25% on all other spend below minimum.

– Minimum spend: S$888 per month

– Cashback cap: S$100 per month (S$25 per category)

– Other perks: 0.25% Cash back for spend lower than S$888, no cap

– Annual fee: S$192.60 for primary card, S$96.30 for supplementary. Waived for the first year of the principal and up to 2 supplementaries.

– Annual interest rate: 28.0%

– Requisite minimum income: S$30,000 for locals, S$42,000 for non-Singaporeans

– Recommended for: Parents with children, as the cash back is geared favorably toward groceries and food.

PROS: Widely acknowledged as the best cash back card for any category. High cash back rate with a high cap. Earns cash back at any grocery store or supermarket n the world.

CONS: Does not offer cash backs for entertainment, retail shopping, or utility bills. High annual fee. Rather high minimum spend.

UOB Delight Card

– Cash back for groceries: 8% at Cold Storage, Giant, Market Place, Guardian and Jasons for spendinga minimum of S$800 a month. 3% for a minimum of S$400 a month.

– Other cash back: 3% for recurring bills and contactless payments, with a S$400 minimum spend. Cash back for 0.3% for all other spend, no minimum.

– Minimum spend: S$400 or S$800.

– Cashback cap: S$50 monthly.

– Other perks: 10% discount on the house brand items at Cold Storage, Giant, and Guardian.

– Annual fee: S$85.60 for principal card, first year waiver. S$53.50 for supplementary card, perpetual waiver.

– Annual interest rate: 25.0%

– Minimum annual income requirement: S$30,000 for locals, S$40,000 for non-Singaporeans

– Recommended for: Growing families, or parents with dependent children. Regular commuters.

PROS: House brand items in specified stores have as much as 18% off, given the 8% cash back plus the 10% discount. High cash back rate from several supermarkets. Very low annual fee with waived first year. Free home delivery from selected Giant branches for a single receipt of S$150 or more. Flexibility with 2 tiers of minimum spend.

CONS: Cashback is in SMRT$. Relatively high monthly spend for full cashback. Cash back not applicable for items on promo.


– Cash back for groceries: 8% for a S$ 1,000 minimum spend; 5% for a S$500 minimum spend. This applies at Cold Storage, NTUC FairPrice, and Unity in Singapore. 5% Cash back at Giant, Tesco and AEON BiG in Malaysia.

– Other cash back: 8% for petrol and public transportation in Singapore and Malaysia. 5% for dining and retail shopping with a $S500 minimum spend. Cash back of 0.3% on all other purchases. 0.3% for spend below S$500.

– Minimum spend: S$500 or S$1,000

– Cashback cap: $50 per month

– Annual fee: S$80 for principal card, complimentary supplementary card. Waived with a spend of at least S$12,000 yearly.

– Annual interest rate: 24.0%

– Minimum annual income requirement: S$30,000 for locals, S$60,000 for non-Singaporeans

– Recommended for: Families who spend at least S$500 on groceries monthly. Also good for people who would rather not be bothered by an annual fee but could easily spend at least S$1,000 a month. Advantageous for people who travel to Malaysia often.

PROS: May be used in various groceries in Singapore as well as Malaysia. Flexible with two tiers of spending. High cash back rate. Very low annual fee. Free supplementary card.

CONS: Not valid in some Cold Storage branches. Very low cash back cap. Lower petrol cash back compared to other cards. Not much perks.


– Cash back for groceries: 5% for supermarket purchases

– Other cash back: 7% for dining (local and overseas). 5% at specified retail establishments. 5% for online shopping. 5% for hospital bills. 5% on first 4 top ups for NETS FlashPay. 1% for phone bills. 0.5% for everything else. Additional 2% cashback for supplementary card spend (min. spend S$200 a quarter; capped at S$20 per month).

– Minimum spend: S$500 a month

– Cashback cap: S$ 100.

– Annual fee: $150.0 for principal card, $75. for supplementary. First year free.

– Minimum annual income requirement: S$30,000 for locals, S$60,000 for non-Singaporeans.

– Recommended for: Families or individuals who spend moderately, and whose budgets are mostly geared toward meals and everyday essentials.

PROS: Cash back is offered for several categories of everyday essentials. Reasonable Minimum spend. Supplementary card is reasonably priced, with the first year waived

CONS: Does not include cash back for utility bills, only phone bills, and offers it at a low rate.

DBS Black Visa Card

– Cash back for groceries: 5% at all supermarkets, as well as online grocery stores

– Minimum spend: S$700 monthly

– Cashback cap: S$70 monthly

– Other perks: 3 Points for every S$5 spent on local purchases via Visa payWave, 1 point for every S$5 on other purchases

– Annual fee: $192.60 for principal card, $96.30 for supplementary. First year free.

– Annual interest rate: 25.90%

– Minimum annual income requirement: S$30,000 for locals, S$45,000 for non-Singaporeans.

– Recommended for: Families.

PROS: Moderate cashback cap. Can gain rewards points and/or air miles

CONS: Advantageous for grocery shopping but not much else. Not much perks. High annual fee.

BOC Sheng Siong Card

– Cash back: 7% at Sheng Siong.

– Minimum spend: None

– Cashback cap: S$70 per month

– Other perks: Additional 5% with a S$400 monthly spend at other establishments (local or global), capped at S$20 monthly.

– Annual fee: S$30 for principal card, S$15 for supplementary; waived for the first year of both

– Annual interest rate: 25.88%

– Minimum annual income requirement: S$30,000 for locals below 55 years old, S$15,000 for locals aged 55 to 65; S$60,000 for non-Singaporeans.

– Recommended for: Regular Sheng Siong shoppers with modest budgets.

PROS: Relatively high cash back. Extremely low annual fee. The cash back is primarily for shopping Sheng Siong, but cash back may also collected from other establishments worldwide if the spend reaches S$400 monthly. Has a lower minimum annual income requirement for older Singaporeans.

CONS: Not very versatile.

UOB One Card

– Cash back for groceries: 3.3% or 5%, depending on spend. Awarded quarterly.

– Minimum spend: S$500, S$1,000, or S$2,000 per month, for all three months of a quarter

– Cash back for other categories: Up to % on everything. Up to 24% on petrol at Caltex and SPC. Additional rebate of up to 3.33% a quarter with a S$1,000 monthly minimum spend for all 3 months of a quarter.

– Cashback cap: S$50 for tier one, S$100 for tier two, S$300 for tier three.

– Other perks: Additional 0.5% SMRT$ rebate at Cold Storage, Giant, Market Place, and Jasons

– Annual fee: S$192.60 for principal card, first year waived. First supplementary card perpetually waived. S$96.30 for each succeeding cards

– Annual interest rate: 25.0%

– Minimum annual income requirement: S$30,000 for locals, S$40,000 for non-Singaporeans

– Recommended for: Moderate spenders with very regular, disciplined spending patterns.

PROS: Highest flat-rate cashback. Three tiers of cashback with corresponding minimum spend; first tier is quite reasonable. Free first supplementary card.

CONS: High annual fee. Tier 2 and 3 minimum spend are quite high, and have to be achieved for three consecutive months in a quarter. Complicated terms and conditions.

Citibank SMRT Card

– Cash back for groceries: Up to 5% at FairPrice, FairPrice Finest. 7% at Sheng Siong and Giant. Up to 7.3% FairPrice Xtra Kallang Wave.

– Other cash back: 15% on coffee at Starbucks or CBTL. 14% on petrol. 4.7% Cash back for transactions over S$50; 2.7% cash back for transactions of S$50 or lower. 2% for EZ Link auto top ups.

– Minimum spend: S$600 monthly. For below minimum, a cash back of 0.3% is earned in SMRT$.

– Other: 2% Citi rebates. One SMRT$ is equivalent to S$1 of vouchers for SMRT, Sheng Siong, Giant, Watsons, Popular, Smart Theatres.. Additional SMRT$ (up to 10%) for spending at Sheng Siong, Starbucks, Subway, and other establishments. A maximum of 600 SMRT$ may be gained for every twelve-month period.

– Annual fee: S$160.50 for principal card, S$85.60 for supplementary. First two years are waived for the principal and two supplementaries.

– Annual interest rate: 28.0%

– Minimum annual income requirement: S$30,000 for locals, S$42,000 for non-Singaporeans

– Recommended for: Coffee lovers who are regular communters. Families or individuals with modest budgets. Regular shoppers at FairPrice Xtra Kallang Wave.

PROS: Good cash back rate , applicable at several supermarkets. Saves on commuting. May be used for online transactions with all travel-related merchants globally (such as travel agencies, airlines, bus lines, cruise lines, car rentals, cab rides, accommodations, etc.). Card doubles as your EZ Link card, with a rebate or auto top-ups. SMRT$ may be redeemed for cash rebates via SMS.

CONS: Complicated terms and conditions. Cash back differs in each supermarket. Cash back is in the form of SMRT$, and gained for transactions costing S$ and above. Low cap on SMRT$ (S$40 monthly).


– Cash back for groceries: 5% at all supermarkets

– Other cash back: 21% for petrol at Caltex or Shell; 5% for utilities; 2% on dining

– Minimum spend: S$800 monthly

– Cashback cap: S$40 monthly

– Other perks: 0.4 miles for each dollar charged

– Annual fee: S$180, 2-year waiver. May be perpetually waived with a yearly minimum spend of S$12,500.

– Recommended for: Families who spend mostly on groceries and utilities. Individuals who would rather spend S$ a year than pay an annual fee.

PROS: Applicable at all supermarkets.

CONS: Relatively high minimum spend, relatively low cap. Not beneficial for dining or retail shopping.

OCBC_NTUC_Plus! Visa_Credit _Card

– Cash back for groceries: Up to 12% at FairPrice as well as FairPrice Online

– Other cash back: 1.8% on petrol at Esso, 5% at Unity, 3% at Popular

– Other perks: Free delivery for online grocery shopping at Gain 0.22% LinkPoints rewards on Visa spend.

– Annual fee: Waived with an NTUC membership (S$117 yearly membership fee) and a minimum S$2,500 spend per year.

– Minimum annual income requirement: S$30,000 for locals, S$45,000 for non-Singaporeans

– Recommended for: Faithful FairPrice shoppers with NTUC membership, who would rather skip the annual fee.

PROS: High cash back rate for grocery shopping at FairPrice. Up to 3 free supplementary cards.

CONS: Requires an NTUC membership. Cash back at FairPrice supermarkets only, for Visa payments above S$20. Cardholder must spend at least S$400 outside of FairPrice and Unity per month. For personal use only. Very limited; not much additional advantages.

POSB Everyday Card

– Cash back: 5% at Sheng Siong Supermarkets

– Other cash back: Up to 20% on petrol at SPC. Up to 14% on dining and food delivery. 3% on health and beauty items at Watson’s. 3% at AirAsia. 2% on EZ top-up. 1% on recurring bills for StarHub and SP services. 0.3% on all others.

– Minimum spend: S$700 minimum

– Annual fee: S$192.60 for principal card, S$96.30 for supplementary. First year is waived.

– Recommended for: Families with moderate budgets and regular spending patterns. Faithful Sheng Siong shoppers. Those who mostly spend on groceries and food than anything else.

PROS: Card doubles as ATM card for POSB banking. EZ Link auto top-up.

CONS: High annual rate. Advantageous only for grocery shopping at Sheng Siong; not many additional advantages.

Don’t be afraid to use credit cards. Just be financially savvy: If you team the right card with disciplined spending and the pertinent information, you can save quite a lot. It can really be to your advantage. And if you need more guidance about choosing credit cards Singapore, never hesitate to contact a reliable, knowledgeable financial adviser.

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