The Lush Condo Of The Park Suite

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This luxury suite is the work of one of the most experienced and seasoned Singaporean developers; the Far East Organization. The developer has seen the raising of about 20% of the houses and structures that you will notice in Singapore ranging from hospitality to commercial, to industrial and retail points that are all over. This organization has won numerous awards of the FIABCI Prix d’Excellence for a total of 8 times and is the only developer to have attained such a high achievement throughout the world. Their services are renowned and unparalleled.

This quiet paradise has a very suitable atmospherefor practices such as meditating, reading books, and intimate connections. It has the most beautiful trees lined up along all its buildings that provide very clean air and just the right environment to hear the chirping of the birds. It is a small and modernized most updated piece of land that incorporates simplistic nature with state-of-the-art technology crafted from the latest housing techniques.

It is a suite that offers homes, as well as shops for the people who are minded on business. It is an integrated development after all.

The Park Suites neighbors the very prestige and much desired Henry-Park Primary School that will guarantee the children a good education. It has plenty of space for retail on the ground that offers a variety of services. This property launch is one of the most pleasant as it is only minutes away from a real park. It is within a residential estate from the Holland Road that is private.

The Park Suites condominium development property launch is the ideal establishment that the enthusiasts of modern architectural design will completely relish as well as the lovers of nature and all things serene.

This massive development is in the Prime District D10. It has well over 110 residential units that are low-rise. The shops that are in the area are, however, not going to be sold so as to control the tenant mix. It is a walking distance and a few minutes away from Holland Village M.R.T. This premise separates itself from the rest of the world and ensures the people have as much peace and freedom as they please.

The Park Suites is surrounded by all sorts of amenities that will come in handy to the people living there. The facilities range from shopping centers to Botanic Gardens to supermarkets and food centers. It has many schools around it like the Nexus-International School and the Fairfield-Methodist Primary. You will certainly not miss any services around this place.

This deluxe condo also has itself covered with dexterous crafts and important services that are artisanal. The well-known UNESCO World-Heritage Site is right around the corner, too.

The lovely environment of the park does not just end there but it follows consistently all through the land into the Suite.You will be immersed in an atmosphere that is mentally rejuvenating and the many wonderful views that are a normal part of life inside and around the Park Suite will take your breath away and keep you excited all day long for all the days. It very much is a park-scape paradise, indeed.

The suite is in high demand as it is close to One-North which is a business park and subzone located near to it. The subzone offers biomedical services, Infocomm tech ICT, and media industries. The Buona Vista housing estate is also close by. The tenants that work from these places are giving bidders from outside a run for their money as the houses of the ParkSuite are now in very high demand.

The luxurious condo has a very broad structure and has 5 towers that rise up to 4 stories high to cover almost every side of the beautiful land. It has lovely pavements that crisscross through the place and that lead you comfortably to wherever within the land you need to go.

The suite is filled with very green grass and a wide variety of trees that make the area to have its very fresh and slightly scented air.

The lovers of sport and recreational activities are also covered. The suite is a few minutes away from the Transview Golf and Country Club that offers a premium quality golf course and services.

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