The Midwood- Serene Residential Environment Redefining Luxury Living

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Image Credits: The Midwood, Hong Leong Holdings

The Midwood is a residential property developed to meet your lifestyle. You have the freedom to book from a one-bedroom house, two bedrooms, three bedrooms, four bedrooms or even five-bedroomed apartments. The condo is located at Hillview Rise (District 23). You will easily gain access to places such as Bukit Timah among other exciting places. The adjacent location of a dairy farm and the Bukit Timah nature reserve allows you to enjoy the best experience at your doorstep. The condo is just five minutes’ walk from Hillview MRT station making it easily accessible to many other places in Singapore.

The developer of the Midwood has been developing properties across Singapore. When it comes to modern living, it is fully defined due to the great design of the condos. The condos are developed to make you enjoy your free time as you relax at home.

The Midwood – healthy living

It is necessary to check out a place where you can enjoy healthy living. The strategic location of The Midwood allows you to access the green nearby where you can enjoy the fresh air. Nearby nature allows you to have apace where you can spend time strolling. Bukit Timah nature reserve nearby allows you to interact with nature anytime you may feel like enjoying your life. With other nature reserves such as Bukit Batok Nature Park and the little Gullin, you can have a place where you can go and enjoy free time with your family members. When it comes to enjoying your free time, you will find the location a great place where you will have several activities suitable for the whole family. For instance, you can visit the nearby game reserves and get to enjoy life with your loved ones.

Several dining and shopping places

To enjoy your life, you need a residential area where you can easily access shopping centers. You will never run short of shopping centers if you decide to book the residential apartment. With nearby shopping centers such as the Rail Mall, Bukit Panjang Plaza, Junction 10, Westmall, Beauty World and the Bukit Timah shopping centers, you have everything you need to enjoy life to the fullest.

Nearby education institutions

You need a place where children will access quality education. Midwood has a lot of schools where children will access the necessary education they need to enjoy life. For example, they will access schools such as Assumption English school, St Francis Methodist School among other schools. Remember you need to take into consideration the availability of schools if you would like to enjoy quality education. The schools nearby make it easy for you to secure the best places where children will have the best education.

Serene environment

You need to stay in an environment which is free from air pollution among other issues. You will have the opportunity to stay in a place which is near the facilities available in urban centers but you will enjoy cool environment. The nearby greens and game parks allow you to enjoy the coolest environment possible. Your family members will have an environment where they can enjoy peace of mind. It does not matter the size of your family, you can choose from the different bedroom sizes so that your family members will have the best place to enjoy their free time.

Luxurious residential units

The residential units are developed to meet the highest standards. If you are after a luxury apartment where you can enjoy your life, then you need to think of the apartment. With the quality interior layout, you will have the best opportunity to enjoy life to the fullest. There is no restriction on the space; you can choose from the different bedrooms available.

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