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Image Credits: Treasure at Tampines, Sim Lian Group Ltd

Usually treasures are meant to be kept as secrets and promises of treasures are quite rare, if at all true. However, this time, this is not the case as the Sim Lian group has promised and delivered the one and only Treasure at Tampines with their new property launch. The infamous real estate and architecture group has been providing families and individuals in Singapore with amazing housing, and communities for well over 40 year. The property investment and construction group has revealed their newest property, in Tampine and it is truly a treasure of a property with many luxurious features and unique characteristics that will surly leave you in awe at the beauty and sophistication of this high end residential property.

The newest property launch, Treasure at Tampines, is situated on the former Tampines court, Tampines street 11 with around 2,203 luxurious, high end residential units available for customers to enjoy as soon as possible. The 2,203 units are spread over 29 blocks of 12 stories each, featuring state of the art construction materials, amazing modern architecture and a great, intuitive urban design to make sure the residents enjoy a busy, exciting and luxurious lifestyle with both family and friends. The property will also feature shuttle buses to help residents reach their destinations with ease and comfort, also the Tampines condo is quite close to Simei M.R.T station and can be reached pretty quickly on foot.

You might be wondering, what makes this new property so unique, Well, if the previous description isn’t grabbing your attention, it’s because this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to describing and mentioning the many perks and features of this great new addition to the properties of Sim Lian group. The 648,889 sqf residential project is immaculately designed by Design link architects and developed by Sim Liam group, with a promise of a luxurious, and sophisticated lifestyle for all owners and community members. There several reason why treasure at Tampines should be your next real estate purchase and investment, and here is why:

Future community development and long term urban power: The project is located on Tampines street 11 and is situated between several future landmarks that are bound to boost and rejuvenate the neighborhood in the near future. Projects include the anticipated jewel of Changi Business-Park, Changi Development-Project, And Tampines Industrial-Park. These aforementioned projects are bound to turn Treasure at Tampines into a future capital.

Proximity to several key locations: In addition to the future landmarks, the property is situated near century square, and is a short drive to Tampines hub and Mall, as well as East point mall. The project is developed in the key suburban areas of Tampines, and covers an area equivalent to 11 football fields that is surrounded by many recreational and commercial opportunities.

Several convenient properties and mixed use estate: Since this new property launch is located within the heart of Tampines and in close proximity to Simei MRT, residents and future owners can enjoy the hundreds of department stores, shops, restaurants and other conveniences around Treasure at Tampines.

Such an opportunity is too good to let pass by, and show rooms for properties are now accessible to the public and potential Treasure at Tampines residents. Registration has opened on the website and interested clients can book a showing for any of the properties available, also floor plans and residential layouts are accessible on the website.

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