Whistler Grand Residential Development

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Whistler Grand is a planned luxury residential project. It is offered through state tender with a lease of up to 99 years. It is strategically located in West Coast. Due to the strategic location and the many features incorporated in the project, it has attracted a lot of potential buyers. It is a place where you can invest and expect to break even within a short period. Many prospective buyers looking to invest in properties in Singapore have shown great interest in the property. There are several aspects which make the development stand out. Before you invest in a given property, you need to carry out due diligence and ensure it is the best. For the case of Whistler Grand, it has several features which make it stand out. Other factors which make it a place of interest to many prospective investors include the following:

Beautiful neighborhood

If you love living near greenery, then the Whistler Grand is the best place to consider. There are several nature parks and water bodies which provide the natural feel. As a way of trying to escape from the busy city life, you need an environment with a green neighborhood. The Bukit Batok nature park, as well as the Sungei Pandan Park, provides the necessary greenery you need to enjoy your stay at the location. It is carefully designed to assure you the best feel.


Before you decide to call a given place home, you need to check out and ensure the place is well connected. With the strategic location of Whistler Grand, you will enjoy access to road networks which will connect you to different places. For example, you will easily access other parts of the city through the Ayer Rajah Expressway. You can as well use the west coast highway to easily get connected to other parts of the city. The property is also located just a few kilometers from the MRT station. If you prefer driving your car, you can easily access the city center. It is a place where you can go and enjoy your life.

Schools near Whistler Grand

Before you decide to make Whistler Grand condominium home, you need to check out places where your kids will study. There are several schools near the area which make it a great place where you can live and be assured of quality education for your kids. Some of the schools in the area where your kids can access quality education include the following:

Primary schools

You need good primary schools for your children to get the necessary education foundation. If you decide to buy one of the units, then you can choose from schools such as Fairfield Methodist School, Qifa Primary School, Jin Tai Primary School, Clementi Town Primary School, and Pei Tong Primary School. They are all quality schools where you will make your children enjoy education. The availability of many primary schools near the area makes it easy for you to choose the best. If you have certain preferences when it comes to choosing a school for your kids, you can easily choose the best because you have all the options
to make.

Secondary schools

After primary school, you will have to enroll your child at a reputable secondary school. Do not worry on about the best schools nearby; you can decide to choose schools such as Nan Hua High School, NUS High School, Fairfield Methodist Secondary School, Anglo-Chinese School, and the New Town Secondary School. You will never run short of options when it comes to choosing a secondary school for your kids.

Shopping centers near Whistler Grand

You need shopping centers so that you can buy necessary items you need in everyday life. You should not worry about where to buy the items. There are several shopping centers where you can easily access the necessary supplies you need to enjoy life.

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