Woodlands Regional Centre White site released by URA

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The Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) has released the first White site in Woodlands Regional Centre for sale today under the Reserve List of the 2nd half 2018 Government Land Sales (GLS) Programme.

Planned to be seamlessly connected to the existing Woodlands MRT station, this 2.75ha mixed-use site can potentially generate some 115,000 m2 of gross floor area (GFA) for office, residential, retail and entertainment uses and become a distinctive development in Woodlands Regional Centre.

Woodlands Regional Centre – key commercial hub in the North

Comprising 100 hectares of land, Woodlands Regional Centre will be developed into a sizeable commercial hub and bring jobs closer to homes in the North region.

Over the next 15 years, Woodlands Regional Centre will become home to new spaces for industry, research and development, learning and innovation.

Rapid Transit System ‘Go-Ahead’ to add buzz to prospects of Woodlands

It is well connected to other parts of Singapore via the existing North-South Line (NSL) and the upcoming Thomson-East Coast Line (TEL).

Woodlands Regional Centre, which comprises the two complementary precincts of Woodlands Central and Woodlands North Coast, will provide attractive and accessible commercial facilities and amenities to support many businesses in the northern part of Singapore. This will include the upcoming high density agri-tech hub in Sungei Kadut and the surrounding food manufacturing cluster.

Woodlands Central will be transformed into a bustling commercial and community node with a mix of office, retail, residential and attractive public spaces for live, work and play. New public spaces planned for the precinct can be enjoyed by more than 27,000 households in the vicinity. Woodlands Central will also serve as a community gathering point for the residents in Woodlands and the rest of the North region.

In addition, the mixed-use business cluster in Woodlands North Coast, including future industrial and business park spaces, is envisioned to provide flexible work spaces that encourage experimentation and innovation and are geared towards the needs of both SMEs and MNCs.

When fully developed, Woodlands Regional Centre will have about 700,000m2 of commercial space and offer approximately 100,000 new jobs.

Private residential units to increase substantially with new releases from GLS programme

White Site at Woodlands Central

SWoodlands Regional Centretrategically located above the upcoming Woodlands TEL station, the White site will enjoy direct connection to both the TEL and the NSL lines. The sale of this site will help catalyse the continued development of Woodlands Regional Centre.

At least 45,000 m2 of the maximum permissible GFA of the development will be set aside for office use. The remaining GFA can be for additional office, retail, entertainment and residential uses. These should offer a range of housing and lifestyle options well integrated with attractive landscaped public plazas and gathering spaces that will further enhance the vibrancy and street level experience of Woodlands Central.

The new development will have a direct basement connection to the future Woodlands TEL station, providing shoppers and commuters with easy access to the Thomson-East Coast MRT Line that can bring them to the Central Business District, Marina Bay and the shopping, dining and entertainment options at Orchard Road.

URA said that through a comprehensive network of pedestrian links and cycling paths, the future development will be seamlessly connected to the surrounding amenities and other developments within Woodlands Regional Centre.

Details of White Site at Woodlands Avenue 2

Location Woodlands Avenue 2


Site Area Plot 1: 21,055.7 m2 (Land Parcel)(1)

Plot 2: 6,450.3 m2 (Land Parcel)(1)

Plot 3: 746.2 m2 (Air space stratum)(2)

Land Use Zoning White site


White Site
Maximum Permissible Gross Floor Area


115,747 m2
Allowable Development


Mixed-use development with:


a) At least 45,000 m2 of the maximum permissible GFA for office use;

b) A maximum GFA of 33,000 m2 for commercial uses (exclude office and commercial school)


The remaining GFA can be developed for additional office, commercial school, serviced apartments and/or residential flats.


Strata Sub-division Apart from any GFA for residential flats, the rest of the GFA in the development is to be contained in not more than 8 strata lots.


Maximum Building Height Plot 1

Low-rise zone: Maximum 5-storey and subject to the Land Transport Authority’s (LTA) loading requirements for areas above Woodlands TEL station


High-rise zone: 90m AMSL


Plot 2

90m / 100m AMSL(3) and subject to LTA’s loading requirements for areas above Woodlands TEL station


Lease Period 99 years


(1) Subject to cadastral survey

(2) Estimated horizontal cross-sectional area and subject to cadastral survey

(3) AMSL means Above Mean Sea Level

(source: URA)

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