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Mortgage Broker Services

Analyse and compare different loan packages with Singapore's most advanced Home Loan Report platform and guidance from the experts so you choose the home loan that fits you best.

Approval-in-Principle AIP for New Home Loan

Avoid unnecessary hassles and costs by getting the assurance that you can obtain a loan.

Residential Home Loan

Buying a home can be daunting for first-timers. Our consultants will guide you along the property buying process as well as get you the most appropriate loan.

Refinance Home Loan

Find out how you can lower your interest cost by refinancing your loan.

Commercial Property Loan

Buying a commercial property? We can help to assess your overall debt situation and improve your chances of getting a loan.

Industrial Property Loan

Buying an industrial property can involve great complexities. Let us walk you through the process.

Personal Loan

Search for a loan package, which offers the best rates and terms, to suit your profile.

SME Loan

Are you a growing SME in need of funds? Tap on our expertise to gain access to finance.

Share Equity Loan

Pledge your shares for cash.

Equity Term Loan Cash Out

Need more funds? You can borrow more by refinancing your home loan with an Equity Term Loan if the underlying asset rises in value.

Retailer Cash Advance

Get a cash advance from your future credit card sales.

Invoice Discounting

Planning a major project but not enough cash flow due to long payment dates? Secure cash against your invoices.

Home Loan Report™ for Property Agents and Mortgage Consultants

Professionalism helps you close deals faster. Home Loan Report™ combs through all the rates from major financial institutions to speed up customer decision making.

For Investors

Join our network and link up with those in need of funds.