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Latest SIBOR Rates
Updated on 30 Sep 2014
1-month 0.34%
3-month 0.41%
6-month 0.49%
12-month 0.60%
Latest SOR Rates
Updated on 30 Sep 2014
1-month 0.18%
3-month 0.25%
6-month 0.33%
12-month 0.60%
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Before using iCompareLoan Consultant Area, I have to manually prepare customer Home Loan reports. This takes about half an hour per customer, leaving me little time to follow-up with customers and/or chase after customer deals.

Strongly recommend for Home Loan Consultants & Financial Advisors.

Alden Tan
+65 9677 0023
Loan Consultant
I have been in the mortgage broking business for 8 years, way longer than this company itself. This home loan reporting platform is the best I have seen in the mortgage industry. The company provides me great support, the reports are well liked by my high net worth clients. I strongly recommend ex-bankers, agents, mortgage brokers to join as mortgage associates or simply sign up to using the loan reporting system.

Angie Vass
+65 9180 5922
Mortgage Consultant - See more at: iCompareLoan Consultant Area