Co-working office space launched to test workplace solutions

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A co-working office space has been launched to test workplace solutions. Workplace experts at JLL who launched the co-working office space (a new concept aimed at addressing current and future challenges in real estate) said JLL Liquid Lab is being piloted in District6, a 10,000-square-foot co-working environment in central Singapore.

The lab will enable established corporates and new companies to develop and test products that solve the work space problems that many organisations face – whether it’s managing occupancy levels or providing comfortable furniture.  The environment allows the initial firms – Dell, Haworth, uHoo, Humanscale and PointGrab – to test ideas and products and then use the insights to improve or scale their offerings.

According to JLL’s Workplace: Powered by Human Experience Global Report, a co-working office space is needed as approximately 90 percent of companies look outside of their firm for expertise to adapt, innovate and progress their workspace.

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“We know our clients are looking for support to tackle their toughest workspace challenges, and JLL Liquid Lab allows us to recreate those hurdles and learn from them in a living test environment,” says Albert Ovidi, Chief Operating Officer, JLL Asia Pacific. “Our experience-led approach starts with defining the challenge of an office space, and then bringing our partners in to experiment. It’s our hope that we can identify several solutions that align to our clients’ visions for making their workplace engaging, empowering and fulfilling for their employees.”

JLL Liquid Lab, co-working office space, allows collaborating companies to explore the potential of their ideas and connect directly with end-users. The following corporates and new companies have been invited to participate and pilot their innovations together in District6:

  • Dell is providing the latest, large-format monitors to live test how they improve employee productivity in a flexible work environment through ease of connecting, power and comfort. Dell is also equipping a studio space with its premium UltraSharp monitors.
  • Haworth has installed office furniture: tables, chairs and private booths with sensor technology for granular utilisation testing. Providing ergonomic seating and quiet areas within an open work environment as a study to understand whether co-working members would pay a higher membership fee for improved furniture and workplace solutions.
  • uHoo has installed air quality sensors throughout the space and is collecting data on CO2, temperature, humidity, dust particles, airborne chemicals and four more air quality parameters that affect people’s health and wellbeing and HVAC efficiency. The company is working with the air handling system to test ways to improve the overall air quality.
  • Humanscale is piloting its new workplace app that helps users to maximize comfort by adjusting their chairs, desks, computers, and monitors according to the latest research in ergonomics. Humanscale has also installed a retrofit sit/stand desk converter that promotes healthy movement at the work station throughout the day.
  • Pointgrab is using its ceiling-based anonymous occupancy sensing solution, CogniPoint, to accurately and continuously count people in different parts of the space. This gives District6 data on how the space is being used before and after a new solution has been introduced. In tandem, JLL will use its UtilizationIQ platform to analyse the data to provide insight and guidance to District6.
  • Coming soon: KLD in cooperation with GOOEE will integrate all the various sensors in the space with the building’s lighting infrastructure. It will use sophisticated analytics and Spaceview program to drive energy efficiency, optimise space utilisation and improve the experience within the space.

JLL, a global leader in real estate and proptech innovation, said their vision is to reimagine the world of real estate, creating rewarding opportunities and amazing spaces where people can achieve their ambitions. JLL has installed utilization sensors throughout the co-working office space to understand how people are interacting with the new products.

JLL will run quarterly challenges for partners who use the co-working office space to focus on improving the overall human experience in the work environment. JLL said new companies will be rotated in to keep perspectives and solutions fresh.

Ian Chadsey, Director of Solutions Development, JLL Asia Pacific said: “We were thinking both for ourselves and clients – how can we give our clients more access to innovation and technology and environment, an understanding of what’s going on? Technology is constantly changing and when you design a space, it’s for today’s technology. By the time the design is done, the construction is done, you’re already behind. It’s constantly evolving. How can you create an environment that is constantly staying up to date?”

He added: “This is the first JLL Liquid Lab of what we hope will be many across the region. It’s our goal to eventually build Liquid Labs in our clients’ own offices to help them identify their ongoing workplace hurdles and find customized solutions.”

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